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Plan Your Event

Have your next event surrounded by creativity and nature at Dig Deep! Rent our flexible space with stage, greenhouse, and more.

To learn more or to request to book with us, email our wonderful Event Manager, Tami Stone, at or fill out our contact form here.

What We Have

Dig Deep Gardens - 

a large outdoor space for socializing that has plenty of room for seating and/or tables.

Dig Deep Stage -  Our stage is great for music, theater, other performances, wedding ceremonies, and more.

Dig Deep Gallery Greenhouse - a large indoor space with beautiful natural light, perfect for art shows, social events, or workshops.

Octopus Bar- Vashon’s tiniest (maybe friendliest 😊) bar with outdoor seating and indoor options in less favorable weather.  Snacks available and occasional food options. The grounds can also accommodate food trucks.

Gallery and Garden Shop - with local art and special gifts to share from around the country and around the world in the shop.  Outside we have a selection of interesting and special plants and garden art and sculptures.